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Today’s telephone was from a lady needing food assistance
Today a lady called the office asking if she could have a food parcel.
She explained that she had been dealing with substance abuse but had came to a turning point in her life were she has had enough.
So she explained that 32 days ago she decided to give up the substances and get clean. She explained she had paid all her bills up to date as she had fallen behind due to using her benefits on substances. “Her words she wanted to be back in control of her life”. Lady X has no money left for food so I told her to come along to CCG offices. We had a lengthy talk and she told me about her past and how her partner is still using so she’s still very vulnerable. I explained what services we have ongoing at the moment and how she is welcome to come along for additional support.
Lady X now is an avid member of our coffee morning and is going to be taking part in our “get yourself connected” project and is keen to volunteer once she feels stronger.

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