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Our Team

Who is behind Crookston Community Group? Take a peek behind the scenes.

We have qualified teachers, linguists, scholars, artists, youth leaders as well as lay members. This experience and expertise is needed to best direct and control CCG objectives and services, to ensure openness and accountability.

  • Mrs Nasreen Ali


    Charity Responsibility

    Partnerships, All centre-based services &  projects staff, volunteers & PR

    Current or Previous Job

    Family Support worker national deaf children society(NDCS)-previous


  • Mr Tariq Ali


    Charity Responsibility 

    Collection & delivery of donations logistics

    Current or Previous Job 


  • Mr Aziz Zeria


    Charity Reasonsabilty 

    Budgeting, Financial Planning, management accounts, Grant funds management, etc

    Current or Previous Job 

    Consult in Business and Community Development and Management - Current

    Has worked with The Arts Council, Business, Community, Local governments, Statutory and Voluntary groups the UK, the EU and Turkey

    BA, MA, Postgrad Diploma in Cultural Management.


  • Bethany LC Buchanan


    Charity Reasonsabilty 

    Community Development & Event

    Current or Previous job 

    Supervisor at Krispy Kream- current

    HNC in Working with communities


Advisory Committee

  • Mr Chris Stephens – MP
  • Mrs Janette Hall – Head of Communications
  • Mrs Grace Sheikh – Admin – Enhanced Disclosure
  • Miss Lee McLean – CCG Community Worker
  • Lawrence O’Niell – Glasgow City Council Food Bank Forum

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