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About Us

Our charity was established in 2012 by a group of multi-cultural local people who took over an unused Community Centre to make a positive contribution to the cohesion & economy of the community, to help neighbourhoods feel safe again, rekindle old-fashioned community spirit and bring a sense of belonging with the objectives to:
reduce the effects of deprivation and social exclusion
redistribute food and other supplies to those most in need
reduce anti-social behaviour by building connections through activities & projects between different groups, territorial and/or cultural
ensure greater numbers of people access local public & 3rd sector services
thereby contributing to the improvement of dignity, physical & mental health, quality of life, aspirations and understanding amongst all.
Operating for 10+ years, CCG is trusted within the community and known as the “Go-To” place!

Where necessary, we will identify any additional support needed (from us or our partners) and refer appropriately (we make introduction & follow up, we don’t just signpost!)
Our services evolve to provide the direct delivery of what is needed, identified via service users, partners and referral organisations.
Our service users are individuals, families and groups in some of the most socially and financially deprived areas within Glasgow ie Crookston, Pollok, Darnley, Nitshill, Penilee, Craigton, and have recently branched out due to demand to Dunterlie, East Renfrewshire – all these areas are within the most deprived 5% on the SIMD.
Housing schemes that appear derelict on first glance are habited homes, poverty, crime, drug & alcohol abuse is rife and the norm, many living within chronic conditions.  The main needs of the users of our services are poverty, isolation, fear, hunger, lack of awareness and /or inability to access services.

We currently provide:
– Foodshare Drop-in Centre (at our Community Centre)
– Foodshare on Wheels inc emergency parcels (Glasgow wide)
– Foodshare Pop-Ups (Glasgow wide)
– Children’s School Holiday Lunches (Every school holiday CCG opens the doors to feed children. They are provided with a snack, a healthy nutritious meal also a small box of cereal with a pint carton of milk for the next day.
– Independence from Foodbanks (cooking classes)
– Get Yourself Connected (wifi classes)
– Adult & Children language classes (7 languages)
– Youth Games & Movie Club
– General Drop-in Service, Coffee Mornings
– Volunteering, Training & Work Placement opportunities.
– Multi-Culture Fun Days

(NB. we have changed the word Foodbanks to Foodshare to reduce stigma).
All our service users are individuals whose life experience and circumstance have found themselves in desperate need for a helping hand due to eg. due to recent austerity measures, asylum seekers, refugees, homelessness, theft, partners controlling money, zero contract hours, ex-offenders, those suffering with mental & physical ill-health, alcohol & drug misuse etc.

There are many good people, young and old who are trying incredibly hard to make the most of their lives and their situation. Our charity provides leadership and brings local people together to identify & develop their skills and use them to tackle social inequality.

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