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Today a young girl came into CCG with a friend. The friend explained that it was her who urged the girl to access our services. Lady X was visibly upset and in tears.
Lady X explained that she had left her bag on the bus and as being a mum of 3 young children she had no means of feeding them. We explained that we were a foodshare project and by her taking the food then that stops it going to landfill. Once she had calmed down and accepted our help she then told us that her relationship with her ex is very much strained and he was abusive to her. Lady X went on to say that she was in employment but the breakdown in her relationship then stopped her working as she had no one to help with her youngest child. I went on to tell Lady X that we run a coffee morning, employability club and also a Digital group called Get Yourself Connected which she is more than happy to become part of.
We are hopeful that Lady X will access the groups as my personal opinion is that she has lost herself. While she was in we had been gifted some dresses from a charity which we gave her for her 2 girls so that they would have a nice dress for Christmas Day. Lady X started crying but this time it seemed to be more tears of joy than sadness…

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