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Volunteering, Training & Work Experience placements

Volunteering, Training & Work Experience placements

CCG Volunteers

83% of our 50+ strong base of ethnic minority & white Scottish volunteers (adults & teenagers, daily, weekly or as required) were originally service users!  All are warmly welcomed, looked after and happily reeled into our army of volunteers, each bringing their skills, learning new ones & sharing their experiences; determined and delighted to give back eg:

Liz came to us suffering from depression; her husband had recently lost his job; they and their children were going to bed hungry.   Within months the family were attending regular activities, before becoming volunteers.   Liz was the driving force behind setting up a foodbank at Govanhill Baths community hub, which provided food to 50+ families every Wednesday, including the local Roma community.

Lee is a nervous, shy & anxious person – but has overcame so much during her time with us and now helps out at the Foodshare and holiday lunch clubs

Alice is a retired widow who found herself living a very isolated and lonely life.  Alice began to attend our Thursday Cook n Chat club and now volunteers with us and now has many friends within the community and an extremely busy social life!

William a 17 year old teenager who lives with his mum.  William is very anxious and does not cope well socially resulting in having no friends.  William is a whiz kid on Social Media and has now joined us to help with our IT & Social Media and has began to slowly open up, talking to his peers and making friends.

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