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School Holidays Lunch Club

School Holidays Lunch Club


School Holidays Lunch Club feeds 100 children a day, aged 5 – 15 years, approx 7 different nationalities, all disadvantaged by poverty. CGG embraces them, reinforces acceptance and understanding, develops trust, broadens horizons, raises aspirations, promotes positive destinations and supports emotional and learning development.

We also take the children on trips so they’ve something to talk about to their peers when they return to school and each child receives milk & cereal, fresh fruit & a food parcel to take home.

In 2019/2020, our School Holidays Lunch Clubs will include occasional speakers/workshops to compliment the schools’ efforts in combatting drug use, self-harm, etc & developing successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society. A pupils idea, developed in close collaboration with students, parents & teachers. The children and young people will vote on a variety of topics eg Live-n-Learn (to develop a Growth Mindset culture, build resistance & raise aspirations). Young people will receive training to set up & run a Youth Committee; others will be encouraged to bag pack and take part in other activities.

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