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Teaching our Future Chefs…

Today we had the pleasure of visiting Panda Chinese Cuisine at the Glasgow Quay today for lunch. Panda are one of many restaurants who provide an ongoing support to crookston community group by allowing us to pick up leftover food at the end of the day andre-distribute that food within the local communities.

The kids and our Chairperson Nasreen really enjoyed being welcomed by their very own Panda Mascot and the owner Xichen. CCG took a total of seventy children to the restaurant for them to enjoy a delicious chinese buffet. Many Children over the school holidays come to us where they can benefit from a nutritious meal, as many parents are just too poor to purchase extra food for school holidays where kids would usually get free meals in school.

As the increase in child poverty grows significantly in glasgow , many of our children never experience the luxury of going to restaurants with their families so we thought that this would a wonderful treat where they can eat, chat with friends and relax. During our visit some of the young adults were taught how to make Traditional chicken dumplings, this will hopefully inspire them to cook for themself in the future learning new skills.

The Crookston community group would like to give a Massive thanks to Xichen and all of her staff for working with us.

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