Summer Lunch Munch Club event! | Crookston Community Group

Summer Lunch Munch Club event!

There will be a Summer event at CCG for kids, any child from age 5-16 years old is welcome to come to the event. This is also all free. They will be provided with a lunch and drink and there will also be the chance for them to make new friends. We will also teach them about healthy eating so there will be a learning experience which will be beneficial. When does it begin you ask? It begins on Monday 1st of July 2019. Its Monday – Thursday at 12pm – 1pm. There’s also Friday from 7pm-9pm The address is: At Crookston Community Group, 56 Beltrees Road, G53 5TF If you have questions make sure to contact us at: 0141 882 4335 or email us at Also be sure to check our website to see what else we do:

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